Fitness for Seinors

  • Great Website

    If you are not familiar with this website Go4Life. I would recommend it. Exercises are listed to choose from and each has a video explanation as well as safety tips. Also, there is an option to download or print your own workout. Have fun!
  • Strive to be Active

    Normally when older people can no longer perform tasks independently, it is usually related to not being active. Stress levels can be managed with exercise and mood is likely to be improved with exercise. Feelings of sadness can be kept away by exercising. Additionally, being able to think and process information is improved with exercise. […]
  • Choose to be Strong

    Being weak and frail does not have to be part of the aging process. Seniors can combat this by working out and eating well. Of course, there are many other reasons to workout including strengthening muscles, becoming more flexible and to develop a stronger heart. Unfortunately many people over the age of 60 stop exercising […]
  • Brain Power

    During exercise, blood flows through the brain providing fresh oxygen to the cells. The suggested amount of exercise during the week is between 3 to 5 times. Although 30 minutes of exercise is recommended, even 15 minutes of activity has the potential to keep Alzheimer’s away. Workouts that require remembering a certain sequence of movement […]
  • Would You Like to Sleep Better?

    In 2013 a survey was conducted by the National Sleep Foundation that concluded sleeping better at night is related to including light exercises in a daily routine. Walking laps in a pool is ideal because the water takes the pressure off of your joints. Walking, yin yoga and chair exercises are considered light exercises that […]
  • Why Not Exercise?

    Among the many benefits of exercise including an increase in energy, a stronger immune system, and an increase in blood flow, certain exercises can help to build and maintain bone density.  Two types of exercises which help to build and maintain bone density include weight bearing and muscle strengthening exercises. Weight bearing exercises can either be […]