Monica Holloway

Monica Holloway

As a NASM certified personal trainer, programs will be tailored for your specific needs with an emphasis on safety and enjoyment. Setting short-term and long-term goals will help you to focus on multiple areas of fitness including cardiovascular, strength training and flexibility. Developing flexibility can be accomplished with Pilates and Yoga in addition to traditional stretching. 

My ultimate goal for you is to learn how to adapt your daily schedule so you can consistently workout. As we are working together, you will have trainer workouts as well as workouts to do on your own in between sessions. Incorporating fun into your workout routine especially when you workout independently is crucial for your success in maintaining new habits you are developing. Working with a trainer gives you an amazing amount of accountability both in working out and eating appropriately to reach your goals.

Accountability means you can expect to be contacted by me to find out if you have done your fitness homework including challenging yourself to follow your workout plan, and making healthful food choices. When necessary, you will keep an exercise and food log.

I look forward to helping you make healthful changes in exercise, nutrition and self care including getting enough sleep, maintaining positive, uplifting thoughts as well as setting and working toward accomplishing goals.

My hope is you will find inspiration to make changes that have been a struggle for some time and encouragement to know that other women struggle with the same issues and have been successful over comers.

Empowering healthy choices, physical fitness and lasting changes. Monica Holloway Monica Holloway